Practice At Home with your Swing Caddie!

New Swing Caddie Net/Mat Combo!

Use at Home or the Range!

Although the Swing Caddie was designed to work at the “Range” or “On the Course”, it also can be used to practice at home to improve your game!

These tips will help you get the best results if you are using at home:

Swing Caddie Net Setup

  • Distance of Swing Caddie behind the ball is approx. 5 feet.
  • At least 6 feet in front of the ball to the net
  • Inaccuracies can occur with white background giving unit harder time to read the ball.
  • Regular golf balls will need to be used. Foam and other practice-type balls will not work. This works with either model!


Golf Practice Net With Hitting Mat

This portable golf training net features a wide opening for easy ball capture. It is perfect for both indoors and outdoors, so you can hone your swing anywhere you want. The target at the center point of the net provides a focal point for your golf training. Our Practice Net is made of durable mesh material with an extra wide opening to secure an optimal safe surrounding for your practice.

The PRACTICE NET features…

WIDE OPENING for practicing your golf swing, hitting and driving in your backyard. Easy ball capture. Safely swing inside or outside.

QUICK & EASY SETUP/BREAKDOWN:  2-minute setup/breakdown for more practice. Lightweight and portable for golf practice anywhere!

PRACTICE ANYWHERE: Perfect for both indoors and outdoors. You can hone your swing anywhere you want.

DURABLE MESH NETTING withstands strong shots and secures an optimal safe surrounding for practice.

HITTING TARGET AVAILABLE: This golf driving net is designed with a target. It helps you practicing your chip shots and accuracy and provides a focal point for your driving training.

EASIER BALL COLLECTION: This golf practice net comes with a polyester floor, which collects all shots in the cage for easier pick up of golf balls.

GREAT TRAINING AID for golfers of all kind.

REALISTIC FEEDBACK: Designed to develop consistency and confidence in your golf swing, this practice mat is a perfect fit for golfers looking to find unparalleled performance and feel.

Sale! – Save an additional $20 OFF! and +8 Bonus Videos

Limited Time Package

  • Golf Net with Black Target
  • Hitting Mat
  • Carry Bag

Now $99.00 &amp $9.99 Shipping

Don’t have a SC300 or SC200Plus Launch Monitor Yet?  Get your today! – Net/Mat Will Be Offered at Checkout if you purchase a Launch Monitor Today.

We want you to feel confident this unit will work for you and give you a full 30 to return your Swing Caddie if you are not satisfied with the results!

Limited Time Package

  • SC300 Portable Launch Monitor
  • Newest 2020 version with Rechargeable Lithium Battery.
  • SC300 Remote Control
  • Power Charge Cord
  • $499.00  Sale Price
  • Lowest Price Available!
  • 8 Bonus Videos ($49 value)* SEE BELOW
    Total Package Value $548 but during this sale.

Now $429.00 & FREE Priority Shipping

Units shipped 2-3 Day Priority Mail the following business day from your order. 

 *8 Videos to help you use your SC300 and Play Better Golf…

  1. Controlling Your Trajectory
  2. How to Dial In Your Wedges
  3. Don’t Keep Your Head Down!
  4. Understand Apex
  5. Controlling Apex
  6. Hip Rotation
  7. Smash Factor
  8. Swing It Slower

New - Your Limited Time Package

SC200 Plus Portable Launch Monitor

  • SC200Plus Remote Control
  • Measuring Range: 30-320 Yds
  • $399.00 Current Sale Price
  • Save – Now $289.00 & FREE SHIP
  • Lowest Price Available!
  • Bonus Video & Free Case
  • Swing Speed Mode NEW
    • You can measure and practice swing speed without hitting the ball
  • Rick Smith Training Video

Now anyone can get Tour-caliber data from a portable launch monitor that fits in your golf bag, and at a fraction of the cost with the Swing Caddie SC300.

“I love using the SC300 portable launch monitor for my distance control. Sometimes you think that you’re hitting the ball a certain distance, but you’re not. Getting true data right there on the spot is very beneficial.”

Jim Sadelfeld

Handicap 9

Ball speed, swing speed, carry distance, Apex, Spin and smash factor

can help you dial in those distances and get you where you want your game to be. Add in launch angle and shot apex and you can take your game to a level you never dreamed possible!
Tour tested data that the pros trust in a portable launch monitor that any golfer can afford. The SC300 delivers a big punch with a compact size.

“Practicing with a purpose is very important, so with the SC300 I have the ability to have all this feedback right at my fingertips, giving me more confidence out on the course. I don’t know how you beat it!”

Steve Skuba

Amateur Golfer

With the SC300, you simply turn the unit on, place it behind you and immediately you’re able to get instant feedback on every shot you make!

Working on wedge distances? Use the Target Mode to hit shots to predetermined distances!

Want to understand how trajectories affect distance? Launch angle helps you learn more about that!

Or maybe you’re swinging out of your shoes and not getting the distance you prefer. Smash Factor and Carry Distance can help you understand the quality of your shots.

Stand Alone or With Optional APP*

With all these fantastic features, it’s hard to imagine a unit so sleek and compact could give you such great information. 

In fact, the SC300 even pairs with an app, so you can track and monitor progress! And at a fraction of the cost of high-end launch monitors, the SC300 can now help any golfer improve their games!

*Unit does not require the App to operate

There isn’t a better deal on a launch monitor out there! Our 30 Day Money back guarantee proves how confident we are.

We will give you 30 days to return the unit if it not what you expected.  See for yourself how the Swing Caddie SC300 can improve your game and if you are not happy with the results, return it within 30 Days for a full refund.  Not only does this come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, we also include a full 1 year Factory Warranty.

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