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Watch This Video to See How The VC200 Works

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  • FLASH SALE – Full 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee + 1 year Warranty!
  • VC300 GPS

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Add 10 yards, 20 yards, even 30 yards to your shot . . . in a matter of minutes!

If You’re Ready to FINALLY Get Maximum Distance, Accuracy, and Pulse-Pumping POWER, The Power Stick Will Help You BOOM it Past Your Buddies Once and for All!

There’s no secret to longer drives…swing faster, hit it farther. Sounds easy. Add in lag and timing of your release and you’ve got the recipe for having shorter clubs for your approach shots.

The Power Stick can help with all of it. Faster swing speeds. Lag. Tempo. Timing of your release. It all happens with an adjustable magnet and shuttle that gives you audible feedback to let you know you’re getting faster, and you’re releasing the club at just the right moment.

Watch the below video as Todd explains the benefits of using the Power Stick to improve your game.

There isn’t a better deal out there! Our 30 Day Money back guarantee proves how confident we are.

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  • Power Stick with 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee.

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Add 10 yards, 20 yards, even 30 yards to your shot . . . in a matter of minutes!

Some golf training aids are one-trick ponies. They kind of solve a single problem, then they become this useless piece of equipment you’ve outgrown.

Not the case with the Power Stick. This training aid is designed to continuously challenge you even as you improve. Plus, it does more than amp up your clubhead speed.

As a Power Stick owner, you can expect to:

  • Swing faster and faster over time, as the Force Adjustable Magnet allows you to increase your speed setting as you improve.
  • Power up your swing more quickly, because you can practice lag even when there’s snow on the ground or you can’t make it to the driving range. You don’t need a ball to drill with the Power Stick!
  • Finally find smooth and consistent tempo, thanks to the extra flexible shaft.
  • Learn to hold the club like a pro with the Power Stick’s specially designed grip.
  • Discover more accuracy and consistency on the golf course. The Power Stick helps you turn pro-level technique into habit, which leads to clean, square contact and more controlled shots.
  • Reap the benefits of the Power Stick throughout your entire golf bag. The technique you perfect with the Power Stick translates to every single club, so you can expect better distances on every single shot.


Tour level players rely on doppler radar technology to get accurate readings from every shot they hit on the range, but those launch monitors climb into the tens of thousands of dollars in a hurry.

Now the average golfer can instantly improve their game just by knowing a few key numbers. Just by knowing how far you ACTUALLY hit each shot could shave strokes off your very next round. Imagine how well you could play!

New - Your Limited Time Package

SC200 Plus Portable Launch Monitor

  • SC200Plus Remote Control
  • Measuring Range: 30-320 Yds
  • $399.00 Current Sale Price
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  • Bonus Video & Free Case
  • Swing Speed Mode NEW
    • You can measure and practice swing speed without hitting the ball
  • Rick Smith Training Video

Use at Home or the Range!

Although the Swing Caddie was designed to work at the “Range” or “On the Course”, it also can be used to practice at home to improve your game!

These tips will help you get the best results if you are using at home:

Swing Caddie Net Setup

  • Distance of Swing Caddie behind the ball is approx. 5 feet.
  • At least 6 feet in front of the ball to the net
  • Inaccuracies can occur with white background giving unit harder time to read the ball.
  • Regular golf balls will need to be used. Foam and other practice-type balls will not work. This works with either model!

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There isn’t a better deal out there! Our 30 Day Money back guarantee proves how confident we are.

We will give you 30 days to return the unit if it not what you expected.  See for yourself how the products can improve your game and if you are not happy with the results, return it within 30 Days for a full refund.  Not only does this come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, we also include a full 1 year Factory Warranty.

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