Green Undulation.

Voice Caddie SL1 is one of the most advanced Range Finders

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SL1 Active Hybrid Laser Rangefinder With Green Undulation

  • True Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder
  • GPS Pin Assist: Utilizes GPS data to filter background and hone in on the pin.
  • Slope integration
  • Color LCD screen
  • Green Undulation and Course Layouts *
  • Continuous Scan Mode
  • Vibration on Target Capture
  • Stabilization
  • Special OLED for Low Light Play
  • Optical Angle/High Clarity Lens: Optimal Clarity and 6 Scale Lens that improves considerably long range distance measurements
  • Water resistant

“It’s like having your own personal caddie.”

INSTANTLY get the distances you need with the ACCURACY you want

Tour professionals rely on the most accurate information they can find to help them work on improving their golf games. And when it comes to having precise data from a rangefinder, the SL1 GPS Laser Rangefinder delivers.

Tour Precision in the Palm of Your Hands

The SL1 Rangefinder from Voice Caddie is full of incredible, state-of-the-art features that allow golfers to have the peace of mind in knowing the information they get is top notch. This true to form, Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder can even be recharged, so no more worrying about messing with replacing odd-sized batteries.

From a one button Rapid Scan Mode, to Pin Assist technology, to slope integration and green undulation, there is nothing the SL1 Rangefinder cannot handle.

“This rangefinder is really cool. For people who like to have both laser and GPS information, you get it all. The SL1 has both a laser and GPS in it. So with that, if I happen to miss the pin, it keeps the yardages it picks up within the bounds of the green with the GPS. So that way, I never miss a pin.”


The Confidence You Need in a Unit You Can Trust

The SL1 features a Rapid Scan Mode, which allows golfers to lock in accurate information with the push of a button. Want to check multiple distances? Rapid Scan Mode also allows golfers to scan a scene with a single push of a button, and the SL1 will give you instant readings on anything you scan. Simply press, hold, scan and read. It really is that easy!

“With the SL1 Rangefinder, not only can you hit the flag, but if I want to scan bunkers, hazards, any area on the golf course, I can not only know my distances to the bad areas to hit into but the greens as well.”


Scoring shots become a lot easier with the Green Undulation and Course Layouts…

One of the great features on the SL1 Rangefinder is the dynamic green view. Playing a lot of golf courses you’ve never played before, it’s like having your own personal caddie.”
Jim, 6 handicap

The SL1 features stunning advanced technology that allows the “Green Undulation” to be displayed onto the LCD screen to help improve scores by allowing you to make more strategic and precise decisions. Green slope and height, hazards around the green, bunker location and gradient all included.

“As an average golfer, the slope feature is one of my favorite things. For me to understand how much slope is going to affect the shot, when I’m out playing and have a downhill shot, I really have no idea how much it’s going to affect the distance of the ball.”


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Worlds First GPS Pin Assist


If you ever used a cut-rate rangefinder, you know how hard it is to get a reading on a pin from 150 yards out. With GPS Pin Assist, the unit impeccably utilizes GPS data to filter out backgrounds and hone in on proper pin readings.

“What I like most about the SL1 is the Pin Assist, that eliminates everything that’s happening behind the green to make sure that I’m targeting in on the pin every time.”
Tyler, 8 handicap

What You See

Once you lock in your target, whether it be a pin, tree, hazard or more, Target Capture vibration lets you know that you have the reading you’re looking for. And for long range distance measurements, the SL1 is built with an Optimal Clarity, 6-scale lens combined with Super Stabilization that helps you lock in those impossibly long readings.

  • SL1 Range Finder
  • Carry Case
  • Charge Cord

Save $70 $499.00 $429.00

There isn’t a better deal on a range finder at this level out there! Our 30 Day Money back guarantee proves how confident we are.

We will give you 30 days to try the SL!, see if it helps you improve and if not we will give you a full, no questions asked refund. With the information you will get from this and the way it will help you practice, we are certain you will be satisfied and will be loving the way you golf after using it!

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